WUBE COMPUTER DONATION IN ADDIS ABABA - Ethiopia

First started as a trial to see if the intended computer helps elementary schools and high schools located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The first project was setup at my first elementary school called Prince Wesen Seged School, and now the name is changed to Yekatit 23 Secondary School. When I attended, the school was teaching students from first to six grade only, and now it teaches 9 and 10 grade students. This school have a computer room facility and the room is full of old computers and none of them work and are outdated. The Electricity in the room does not even work, and I found that when I try to set up the computer. The school administrative finally offered the library room until they fix the electric city issue. The computer that I donated was, one PC from ALEUTIA loaded with Linux operating system called UBUNTU. The computer uses law watt. This one computer can be set up for 10 users and all users can accesses any documents they want and be able to work and use the computer at the same time with out any speed problem. The application called
was intended for this purpose, and I was learning about this application for two years and I found it to be appropriate for a country like mine and Africa in General. Most of all the total cost for this product is below $2000.00 .

Second Donation to be delivered soon